Solar Inverters

Present generation is immensely dependent on power. Most of the devices and accessories these days run solely on electricity. Load shedding during excess power consumption and power cuts interferes or delays our important tasks. The seriousness of this issue depends on the level of priority the tasks have.

POWEREX Inverters are the ideal solution for uninterrupted power supply. By installation of theses inverters, you need not have to worry about power failure and related issues. Our vast range of inverters is capable enough to effectively support countless electronic appliances. The inverters from POWEREX can be used for domestic as well as commercial establishments. They are of high quality and meet international standards.

Our inverters are reliable, cost-effective, energy efficient and eco-friendly. We offer sine wave and modified sine wave inverters that can be used with branded accessories custom designed for your needs.

The inverters come with digital console systems having sensors that monitor the heat and contribute to optimum performance. They control the unit by observing the temperature and help to boost the performance of batteries regulating the required rate of power consumption. All of our products arrive with a warranty of X years and we guarantee timely responsible service.

Solar Hybrid Inverters

Solar Hybrid inverters convert the stored DC into AC depending on a need based pattern. They are charged using Solar Power during day time and on sun down activates the AC requirements be it a home or an industry. Change over switches are also added on which would automatically start up power supply at times of power failures during day time.

Solar Sine Wave Inverter

Our Solar Power invertors convert AC to DC and subsequently can convert from 1 KW to 100 KW or even 1MW and above. This helps our clients to directly link up the DC into AC without going in for additional changes or alterations.