Solar UPS

Uninterrupted Power Supply or UPS offered by POWEREX are technologically advanced and energy efficient devices. Our UPS systems are available for offline and online purpose. With varied load capacities and versatile features backed by convenient operation, UPS solutions by us are ultimate solution for your power needs.

Home UPS

Our sine wave Home UPS device is noise-free. With digital signal technology it is compatible with computer systems and requires less voltage for charging the battery. POWEREX UPS are built with power-intelligent controls that prevent overload or excess charging. It also protects your premises from short circuit.

Online UPS

For any sort of business concerns, guaranteeing uninterrupted work flow augments productivity. POWEREX's Online UPS work without power breakage. These systems are resistant to surges, hangs and other common electric issues. Our product is not only the solution for power back up, but also protects high voltage fluctuations. Thus, it balances the work flow of your organization and is really a blessing in areas with chronic power shortage. These inverters require less space for effective operation and hence can be comfortably installed and transported. Our UPS can find applications in diverse fields and also we can offer customized products tailor made for your unique needs. Our prices are reasonable and all our products meet the compliance standards prescribed by the concerned regulatory bodies.